new stuff! cowls and more...

this is the architect cowl in colour block II. it's without the moto stripe down the middle, but it features a crocheted tube at the bottom that houses a functional drawstring. it's also a bit larger, so if you like a more drapey look this one could be for you!
see more photos of this piece here: architect cowl II in colour block: GRAPE

long eco-friendly necklace made with a variety of nuts and seed beads which are most commonly found in south america. this piece features a very large kongolo bead which are picked up off the beaches. if you like a chunky and more bohemian look this necklace could be for you, at an affordable price. will ship immediately.

visit: http://www.thehouseofhemp.etsy.com/ for more updates and new listings! :)


jpg. of the week - calling all fans of RH...

calling all fans of radiohead - go here for some ok computer artwork.


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thank you! gracias! merci mille fois!


and they say nothing is free...

it won't be monthly but every once in a while, or more so when i feel like it -- the necklace pictured below is up for grabs in a free giveaway, which includes the shipping costs (within north america only) - all YOU have to do is leave a comment below along with your contact information (preferably an email address or shop URL if you're directed here through etsy) and the winner will be randomly selected in exactly two weeks from today on FRIDAY, JUNE 5th, 2009.

:: eco friendly tagua slice necklace in white ::

good luck!


do you know barbara kruger?

on a trip to new york i happened across an exhibition at the whitney museum by one barbara kruger which truly and forever influenced my standards as far as thought provoking and social commentary go in form of imagery. it is said that her artwork is so direct that it evokes an immediate response or reaction, and this is no exageration.

in this exhibition, the first and second doors on the left hand side were two installations that mirror this photo almost exactly. she'd set up a dark and tiny room with a lot of large, loud words and phrases which when projected had the power to just about knock you over... or have you slowly back out of the room feeling no more than 2 feet tall - which was more likely than not the point of this installation as words can often be used like a loaded gun.

kruger likes to use black and white and red, it's a common theme among most of her pieces, as in the above photo - it's stark, but effective. she photographs people, places and situations that depict human emotion, and feeling, no matter how twisted and strange, because it's all of us, it's a reflection of everything that society tries to hide. it's brave and it's genius, and i just happened across it, how lucky.

see more of her work here: http://www.barbarakruger.com

an extreme cowl for extreme folks

another new addition for fall and winter 2009, an extreme cowl, super large with natural/eco friendly ojos de buey button details and a hidden pocket for ipods/mp3 players/mobiles etc. this piece was crocheted double strand with an acrylic yarn making it great for people with wool allergies or sensitivities - this also makes it an option for vegans and gives it a super soft feel.

priced at an appropriate $45.00USD this is also a very affordable price for a great winter style, but i have to reiterate! you gotta love big! because this is an extreme cowl, super comfy, very warm, machine washable.

shop online at: http://www.thehouseofhemp.etsy.com/

feed your soul free art project

a peaceful, thought-provoking way to share with others, indiefixx.com has started the 'feed your soul' free art project where artists are invited to share their work in an open/free download forum. artists include successful etsy sellers mandy sutcliffe of belle&boo and jo askey of littlerobot, who also designs for moo.com.


new addition

the architect colour block cowl in: PEA GREEN
this is a new design for winter 2009, with many colour block combinations to come - i'm creating winter wear in spring/summer and it feels a bit ridiculous at times, but i know it will be beneficial in the long run: more time to experiment! it's over 20" tall, three balls of yarn or 510yrds used - it's not a quick piece but it is simple, and the outcome is fantastic.

welcome to blogspot...

murano & tagua aka: thehouseofhemp on etsy.com will be posting here in an attempt to reach a larger audience/following of like minded people who have interests in many venues and opinions on many current world/political and creative issues and projects.
the vision is this: to get people motivated, interacting, creating and expressing.
love to hear from you, comments are welcome as are inquiries about any items available in the shop.
here's to getting to know you!