off the handmade path :: m&t recommends...

veering off the etsy/handmade movement but in keeping with our occasional product reviews and recommendations we (my husband and i) just bought the wii console along with the new ea sports active (personal trainer in a box). hmmm. amazing! :) not only are we dazzled by the futuristic interactive aspect of it but as everyone is saying, it really does provide a workout customized to the user.

intensity levels are adjustable, the tutorial videos make everything pretty clear, and being a long time lover of track and field i can now run a track in my living room, or relieve frustrations by knocking out a few punching targets (you really get into it, it's pretty funny to watch).

just started the 30-day challenge, so i know there's lots more to come, like for instance basketball which i'm stoked about - definetly worth the money! definetly worth grabbing an extra set of controls (or nunchuks... ) take the chance on it! you won't be dissapointed.

addons and upgrades are being released for the winter holiday season '09/'10.


the accidental cowl :: new item

so i was trying to make this sort of like batwing sweater with a deep V and the project protested. half way through it's creation it morphed into this amazing cowl which i am so delighted with. here are a couple of photos.

i'm thinking it'll be great in camel, sage, maybe even a mustard yellow and grass green. we'll see.




jpg. of the week...

check this out - i was looking for a better to way to fill some showbox frames and i thought about pop ups. so i searched google. check out this etsy shop full of DIY easy cut pop up cards that are really more like small works of art -->

kirigami pop up panda @ www.popupcardmaking.etsy.com

suggestions for jpg. of the week are always welcome, just leave a comment below!


new collection for summer

here to share some photos with you of the beginnings of a new collection for m&t. these pieces are all unique, originals that offer a lighter feel and incorporate a number of materials - from organic to manmade.

tagua and glass necklace in FLING @ $27.00USD

tagua and glass necklace in SUMMER NIGHTS @ $27.00USD

tagua and glass necklace in DRAGONFLY JARDIN @ $27.00USD

we also have some new pieces using resin and organic seeds/nuts - check it out!


the winner is...